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Tampa Bay Mortgage Loan, better known as the Mortgage Communication Spot is the brainchild of Brian P. Forrester, mortgage pro who is saving the world one mortgage at a time!

Because many of our readers have not had a chance to find out about the man behind the mortgage news, we thought that you would like to know a little bit more about what makes a good mortgage lender and why choosing the right pro makes a difference!

Florida Mortgage Loan – Mortgage Communication Spot

This site is home to HUNDREDS of great articles, blog posts and videos to help you find out more about the current mortgage market including underwriting changes, loan changes and how recent legislation might affect your ability to buy or refinance your home.

“The Spot” is also home to information that Realtors and agents use to stay abreast of the current changes within the banking industry so that they can be sure to give their clients the best possible advice throughout the home loan process.

Some recent videos that we have published include:

Other Ways To Find Out About Mortgages

While this site is the most comprehensive way to find out about mortgage facts, Brian publishes information on many other channels including:

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Oh and we can be reached in person or on the phone at (727) 216-8138!

Wondering what prompted this outpouring of information? We are pleased to report that our last post was our 100th post about Tampa Bay home loan and mortgage news! Our dedication to helping homebuyers and Realtors succeed is what keeps us going during these tough economic times and it is a pleasure to provide this great information to the Tampa Bay and Florida markets!

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