Mortgage Man – Life on the Wire

I’ve been inspired by many people in life and in business during my years as a mortgage specialist, but it is a little rare to find a person who kicks it on both cylinders.

Todd Duncan

Todd Duncan has long been a professional mentor of mine for his Sales Mastery and his Mortgage Mastery University series.  I attribute the ultimate success of many of my clients to the fundamentals that I’ve learned from his seminars and sensibilities.

And then I discovered the other side of him at an event this past month. In the midst of all the industry turmoil and serious insanity (see any one of my blog posts for additional details!) he made an entire banquet hall seriously take pause when he spoke about the recent loss of his wife.

It wasn’t as self-indulgent as it may sound; it was an acknowledgment of the awareness of making money versus making memories and how he’s learned to never again say “no” to a memory-making-moment because it will never again present itself.

At the risk of sounding maudlin, he created a defining experience that was shared by a roomful of mortgage professionals who have long respected Todd’s business acumen and now had the chance to see the man behind the mortgage and take a look behind the things that happen in all of our lives that shape us and ultimately make us move forward against the odds.

The gist of what he was saying? Life is hard. And if we learn to somehow live with the inevitable imbalances, then we’ll find consistency and can craft actual foundations.

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