Thank You Santa!

Well I got my Christmas gift early and it came from Everyone knows how I love me some technology, especially when one acts as a defense against the frailties of another! There’s no functioning without technology, but there are ways to arm yourself against these necessary evils.

What happened this time was the nose dive of my hard drive – although it was the one where I keep all my non-confidential data…gone were my go-to docs, my cheat sheets, form letters and computation spreadsheets. Or at least they could have been had they not be safe and secure beyond the world of cantankerous hardware and destructive software viruses.

While this is not a paid endorsement for, I have been using this remote back-up system for the past few years now and the first time it saved my home computer and all the photos of my kids. While those could never be replaced and my work templates could of course be re-created, who has the time or even should have to devote any energy to something when Mozy’s got your back?

I take my business seriously and to tell the truth I sleep better at night knowing all my family’s pictures and all my data is protected. So while I am able to go out and save the world one mortgage at a time; Mozy is also on the job saving one database at a time.

At the end of the day, there’s nothing like a contingency plan.

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