Hey There Buyer It’s Appraisal Day Are You Ready?

Hey There Buyer It’s Appraisal Day Are You Ready?

Have you heard of the real estate agent appraisal happy dance?  It is a real thing.  When the home that you have made an offer on appraises at or even above your offer these agents are known to drop everything and dance.  Then they call you and you dance too because you are closer to owning that home.  The first step to an appraisal that falls into the parameters of your offer is this; did your agent check on all the comparables in the neighborhood?  The appraiser has done that.

Good now let’s back up a bit though because before the appraisal is done you have a hand in making sure it goes well.  Yes, you can play an important part in all of this and it starts by picking up the phone and calling your agent so that all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed.

The electric and water in the house must be turned on and the appraiser cannot do this due to liability.  Calling your agent prompts your agent to call the seller’s agent to make sure this is all done at the proper time.

Does the home you are purchasing have a swimming pool?  I have touched on this in previous articles, and it is worth saying this again. The pool cannot be green, filled with tadpoles or fish, so yes one more thing for everyone to be contacted about before the appraiser shows up – the pool water needs to be clean.  Yes, we have seen this.

In order to make that pool pretty of course the pool equipment needs to be working.  By making these reminder phone calls to your agent who then calls the seller’s agent you are participating in the goal of getting a successful appraisal.

At the end of the day no one wants to have to cancel and/or reschedule, do they? If you have any questions, give me a call at 813-361-6350.

No Tadpoles Allowed



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