Florida Mortgages and Food Drives

Despite my weekly laments about the Florida mortgages industry and the challenges of the various obstacles, it’s my job and I love it. And after a crazy day of sparring matches with underwriters and all the closing table dramas, I get to go home to an incredible wife and two kids who just get funnier every day. I am very fortunate.

Because I am fortunate, I wanted to help others in my community. I therefore got involved with Metropolitan Ministries and am assisting with their food box drive on Thursday, December 16th at 1:30 at their headquarters in Tampa. If you aren’t familiar with this organization, here’s a description from their website:

Florida Mortgages and Food Drives

‘For over 38 years, Metropolitan Ministries has served poor and homeless men, women, and children in the Tampa Bay region.  The Ministries has gone from a single room food pantry, to one of America’s most effective and innovative caregivers.  Serving as many as 150 families daily through Outreach and Prevention Services, the Ministries remains committed to breaking the cycle of poverty…’

I know that on Christmas morning my kids are going to be smiling and surrounded by streamers of shredded wrapping paper and all their gifts and then we’ll spend that whole weekend feasting on our favorite foods and playing all the cool new video games. I’m hoping to make my contribution to other families in at least this small way and to help the good people of Metropolitan Ministries who give back to those in need all year long. Merry Christmas everybody!

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