Pink Cleats for the NFL

By day I write home mortgages and FHA loans and watch Tampa Bay mortgage rates like a hawk…but on nights and weekends: it’s football season, baby!

Times can be tough and the economy and politics can get us down, but when you get to spend a nice chunk of hours watching your team battle for league domination and bragging rights, life is good.

And it is even better when an organization like the NFL (that leverages brute strength to advance to that all important Super Day in February), makes a colorful gesture to show support for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  

The New York Times published a great article at the end of September about how players were going to be wearing hot pink gear including: gloves, sweatbands, towels, cleats, and shoes.

Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams conceived of the pink shoes when he heard about the other items. He proposed the cleats because of their “primacy to players.”

“That’s something that’s very, very important for N.F.L. players,” Williams said in a telephone interview. “If you have a great cleat and a firm foot in the ground, you can do anything.”

I guess that is a message for us in our industry and for everyone in this country as we complain about our struggles. There are a lot of brave people that really are fighting the battle of their lives; it is essential that we show them our true colors.

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