Let’s Hear it for the Team

If a mortgage banker can have a fan club, I guess I sort of do. I have worked really hard for many years and I am as trusted for my in-depth investigations to assemble fair and honest mortgage files as I am for my knowledge of all the changes that swirl about the lending industry on a daily basis.

The thing is though; I sort of get all the credit because I am the face of the business to my clients. Although I never portray myself as a one-man show, because I work directly with my clients from Day One to Closing – it may appear that I am.

I am not just some figurehead who delegates tasks to a team of subordinates; a huge part of my success and the fact that there are so many new homeowners on our watch is because of the support I receive from the back office and the underwriters and our management. It’s not just because they’re professionals, it’s because we share the same business ethics and that all-important sense of urgency. If I had to make a list of tips for people in the mortgage (or any industry!) on how to provide the best possible service:

  • Know what you’re talking about; if you don’t, say you don’t and get the right answer
  • Don’t micro-manage, but provide mega-support
  • Be days and steps ahead of the process so you are ready for any curve balls
  • Never throw the other guy under the speeding train; always use the pronoun “we” and work the problem internally until it’s fixed
  • Be honest

At the end of the day, myself and my company are a means to an end. We do our best to facilitate a challenging process and provide mortgages to home buyers who are a good risk. We’re a team.

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