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I guess if you put yourself out there and preach anything, you’ve gotta be prepared when your fan base pounces on ya for not practicing it!

I attended a great Tampa mortgage broker marketing seminar last week that was filled with many friends, colleagues, and clients who really beat me up because I haven’t been sending my Eye Jot Tampa Bay mortgage rates and home mortgage loan state of the market messages! I was dealt multiple blows from all sides because I advocate the use of all these great business building technologies that are fun and cheap and easy to use. But I’ve been busy and I just stopped doing this particular thing because I didn’t really have time.

But I received feedback about this decision in no uncertain terms. And it wasn’t only because they were ranking on me for being a techno-lender with no techno (well, that too), but because they missed the info I was providing about FHA loans and everything else!

So I did not do what I preach about and I paid for it! However, the negative feedback turned out to be a positive reinforcement for a service I was providing – always good to know!

So please advise if you’d like to be added to the recipient list; Brian TV is back!

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