How We Handle Home Loans

This is not a paid promotional announcement for Tri-County Mortgage; but sometimes you get an opportunity to gain a little perspective on your company and how they handle home loans compared to other lending institutions.

In a recent state-mandated licensing course I had occasion to spend time with peers in my industry; and horror stories abounded! While it is true that a good horror story beats a nice-guy-finishes-first tale for impact alone…..I heard accounts of companies that just didn’t support their mortgage loan originators on the front line…at all!

Sure as I sit here typing, you are only as good as your back office support and management. I am with a firm that literally supports my efforts 110%. I do know what I am doing and I am a skilled professional but I am also successful because of the efforts and the due diligence executed daily by this team of people.
Tri-County is not my first mortgage company experience. I know when an organization cares about its people, customers and business partners. Tri-County people actually walk the talk. You’ve gotta have each others’ backs in this business…it is the only way to get the home buyer a fair and reasonable opportunity to buy a house.

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