Am I Icarus? Mortgage Technology

My affinity for technology is well known; it is the subject of at least one blog post a month! I read about it, I buy it, I incorporate it into my home mortgage business, and I rave about how my productivity and success increases because of it.

But did I get greedy? Have I become so totally reliant on technology that I am blind without it? Did I fly too close to the sun on wings of wax and fall into the sea like Icarus because I was soaring so high and so happily? I’m afraid so.

I purchased the AT&T Tilt; probably one of my most favorite devices, ever. My entire world at my fingertips: schedule, communications, tasks, notes (my handwriting is atrocious) and contact lists. I would synch with my Outlook and spend the day in complete accord with the universe. That is, until the synch stopped synching.

In a nutshell, it seemed that a firewall started blocking the transfer of active signals. I could handle that.

  • I followed the trouble shooting guide which ultimately advised that all firewalls be turned off. The problem still remained.
  • I then contacted the support forum to find that I had already followed all their recommended steps to troubleshoot the problem.
  • I contacted Tech Support who advised me to consult the manual.
  • AT&T customer care advised me that AT&T doesn’t really manufacture the hardware although their logo is pasted all over everything, so they could not assist.
  • I contacted the “actual manufacturer.”
  • They told me to contact Symantec who develops and maintains the firewall.
  • When I finally got through their menu, their client support was not available because it was a weekend!

So here I am, still outta synch, with just a VERY expensive telephone (with no contact list). I am going out of town on business and am actually toting a stack of PAPER with contact info, etc in my briefcase so I can stay in touch with the world during my separation from my desktop. (How’s that for irony?)

So right before I was tempted to throw my Tilt into the Icarian Sea right after that fallen god; I basically wound up fixing it myself with a little assistance from the hardware manufacturer and got myself back in the game. I have returned to civilization and synchronization! I’ll be in touch!

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