The Mortgage Process

As a Tampa Florida mortgage broker I analyze every piece of data I am given, un-cover every possibility, and work to identify the right product for every borrower. But with all my expertise and hard won knowledge, from FHA loans to a home equity loan, the work to actually close a deal has quadrupled over the last year and a half.

There are tremendous opportunities for first time buyer home loans as we all know; opportunities from extraordinary prices to low interest rates to the new and improved down payment assistance disguised as an $8000 tax credit.

But Fannie Mae can leverage any little reason not to purchase a loan from lenders. Everything that gets reviewed for submission has to be completed down to the very last period. It’s almost like getting points taken off for sloppiness or misconduct in grade school!

Even the strongest of loans can be very fragile now and have several points of failure. Only when we triple-check everything and watch one another’s backs, shall we succeed.

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