EverNote and The Art of Organization

There are many things that separate me from the pack of mortgage bankers in Tampa Bay. (I am fortunate to have the testimonials to prove it!) But seriously folks, as most of you know, I am a crazy technophile. Not in the “one with the most toys wins” kind of way, but in the “it’s the only way to service my clients and get loans closed” kind of way.

My technology purchases have run the gamut from the new release expensive to the affordable yet robust.

Mozy.Com falls into the second category and I am happy with the secure online data storage it provides, but it has been EverNote that has put forms and info at my fingertips and really increased my efficiency.

I keep all the master forms that I often need at a moment’s notice

My definition of their service is that they provide access to a free form database in the clouds. I don’t save any personal client information to this application, but I use it as a very handy file cabinet of forms. I keep all the master forms that I often need at a moment’s notice: I have every How To template that I provide to Realtors who need info on anything from FHA requirements to VA inspections, I’ve saved my Buying a Home after Bankruptcy templates; and I even use it as a notebook. All my great “go to” stuff is always at the ready and gets transmitted immediately to whoever requests it.

There are many advantages to the free account, but you can go premium for only $45/year. The difference is significant in the amount you can upload, the fact that you can edit the saved documents, the advanced encryption, and the ability to retrieve your data from any of your devices.

At the end of the day, EverNote works and it’s cheap….two essential criteria for any technology!

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