Credit Repair

We touched on this in our last blog post about mortgage loans, but we just want to expand on it a bit.

When a potential home buyer comes to us looking for information on home loans or Tampa mortgage rates, we discuss their goals, have them fill out an application, pull credit, and conduct a full evaluation. If the financial picture does not stack up to a solid submission to shop to lenders, then we employ what we call the “what if” scenarios.

This is because it is important to us that people looking to buy homes are not discouraged by the process and a potential rejection, but are instead given an opportunity to fix what is broken. Our experience enables us to interpret the problem areas and to advise borrowers on what their time is best spent on correcting which weaknesses in their credit history.

Credit restoration has become its own industry because of the number of people that have gotten themselves labeled with a weak FICO due to their own mistakes or events that were beyond their control. Things can be fixed when the eye is focused on the right things.

And if for whatever reason we are not the clients’ best resource to advise them on how to go about managing their credit repairs, then we make it our business to get them to the right resources.

At the end of the day, we want our potential clients to have a clear plan on what they need to do to buy their home. Therefore, our approach at TriCounty Mortgage is to review the entire scenario and get the borrower’s financial picture to hang straight.

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