One of the most inspiring people ever.


Inspire, a word we often hear, is defined as this; to make someone want to do something. We all know an inspirational person either for real or out there in the world and we allow their words to help move us forward in life.

I recently had a deeply inspirational moment when I had the pleasure of listening and meeting Nick Santonastasso. If his name sounds familiar you may have seen him interviewed on a talk show or read his story and you might have even thought to yourself how absolutely inspiring Nick is and wondered how you would handle the cards he was dealt in life.

Nick was born with Hanhart syndrome and was one of only 12 diagnosed cases in the world when he was born.  Hanhart syndrome can cause an incompletely developed tongue, missing fingers and toes, malformed arms or legs and an extremely small jaw.  Children may have some but not all of the symptoms and no one understands the cause.  Nick is missing both legs and one arm.

Nick has said there are times when he wishes he was normal, then he looks at what he is doing, and how many people he is inspiring, and he is proud.

To my amazement I learned that Nick has been on the varsity wrestling team at his high school.  He came in 3rd at a body building contest.  He has been scuba diving and he drives a car.

Nick inspires.

I believe every human being wants to inspire people.  We want to inspire our children to be the best that they can be.  We want to inspire people we work with to give it their all at work.  If we are really fortunate a perfect stranger may tell us one day that we inspired them.  The feeling is incredible.

I left that event wanting to be a better person, wanting to be an inspiration, wanting to be like Nick. Many times, when we have a really lousy day we go to bed that night looking into our minds for someone or something to inspire us, all I have to do is think about Nick and I am lifted up to face another day.


 “I believe that every human mind feels pleasure in doing good to another.” Thomas Jefferson


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