$8000 Tax Credit

You qualify for the tax credit if you are a first time buyer (or have not owned a property in the last three years). Home loans are taking a lot longer to process even if your credit is great and the process rolls exactly as it should. So if your plan is to take advantage of this great buyer opportunity, there is literally no time to waste.

I’ve found that the best place to get all the answers to your questions is to check out the page on the IRS website. You can certainly contact us to clarify any points or discuss your eligibility.

What we need to stress is the time factor.  With some 60 or so business days (with a holiday thrown in), applying for your mortgage loan now is critical. We will do everything we can to move as quickly as possible, but home buyers need to organize their paystubs and tax returns and bank statements to be prepared with every possible document to help speed the process.

This is the purchase window that you don’t want to look back on in December with regret. Call me at Tri-County Mortgage or click apply now directly on our site. We can help detangle the details. Who knows when or if the IRS will ever cut anyone some slack again!

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