Home Appraisals in Tampa Bay

It is no secret that mortgage loans and buying homes in Tampa Bay (or anywhere for that matter!) is more complex. There are a few things that may appear out of the home buyer’s control, but both Realtors and home buyers need to control the things they can.

One thing I just want to reinforce is that you need to make sure the home you are buying is ready to be appraised. It is a simple thing, but time and time again I see deals fall apart or get seriously delayed because the utilities are not turned on in the home.

(As an aside…if the home is unoccupied because you are purchasing a foreclosure, the utility companies are being particularly accommodating about turning services on for short bursts of time for such occasions.)

Bottom line…there needs to be power, there needs to be water, the pool needs to be free of green gunk and the pool equipment needs to be operational. The Realtor typically receives notification when the appraisal is scheduled so you need to join forces and ensure that the appraiser will be able to conduct their business so you can get on with yours.

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3 thoughts on “Home Appraisals in Tampa Bay”

  1. Thank you! As an appraiser in the Tampa Bay area, twice in the past week I have had to do final inspections for the heat/air which appeared to not be working at the initial inspection only to find out that the breaker for the HVAC system was turned off, while the rest of the electric was on. Please be sure that all breakers on are when the appraiser gets there. It never even occurred to me to check the breaker ~ though I will going forward.

  2. Veronica,
    It is amazing to me that a great deal of agents do not pay attention to what is becoming a huge issue these days. Lenders want to make sure the property they are loaning money on is in working order!