Home Mortgage Downpayment Assistance

With the amount of days to take advantage of the $8000 Tax Credit for first time home buyers dwindling, there are still other down payment assistance options to be found.

The Tampa Bay Community Development Corporation is a viable alternative to supplement monies needed to pursue the goal of home ownership. This organization is HUD-approved and non-profit and has had a significant impact on the lives of people who qualify. And this I know first-hand because I closed a deal with them last month and have another scheduled for mid-October. This group AND their menu of services is impressive:

• Down Payment/Closing Cost Assistance Loans
• Interest Free Loans
• Homebuyer Counseling and Credit Repair
• Foreclosure Prevention
• “Dream of Homeownership” Seminars

Although you still need to qualify for a home mortgage loan, the Tampa Bay CDC has an easy to navigate website with all the info you need to determine qualification along with an on-line form and contacts that will provide assistance. Programs such as these are absolutely worth the phone call and the time it takes to submit an application.

The typical obstacle that stands in the way of a home purchase in Tampa Bay is that pesky matter of surplus cash needed to drive down your mortgage interest rate and to make sellers take your offer seriously. A supplement such as this will go a long way toward moving out and moving on!

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