I Think We’re Alone Now

I have had people tell me when I ask them why they have not purchased a home that having a mortgage takes them out of their comfort zone.  Maybe they are comfortable because they are living with mom and dad almost rent-free, or they are living in a rental property.  While they think they may not be paying a mortgage, surprise they are paying someone’s mortgage.

Let’s look at this further.  Renting on a temporary basis isn’t a terrible thing to do, however if you are serious about your finances owning a home does give you many benefits towards building your financial future.

I read an article about a real estate agent who had lived in a rental home for 5 years.  When he added up all the rent money he had paid, it came to $120,000.00. He was making someone else rich.  He saw the light and now owns a home.

It is almost spring which is always been the high season for home purchases.  This is a great time to purchase a home and to stop paying someone else’s mortgage.

Think about this, in reality a mortgage payment allows you, not your landlord, to build equity in your home that you can use later in life. 

At the end of the day this is a great time to put your own roof over your head.  Give me a call, I can help put you in the comfort zone of your own four walls.  You can reach me at 813-361-6350.

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