Putting Your Credit Score on a Fitness Program

Putting Your Credit Score on a Fitness Program

Putting Your Credit Score on a Fitness Program


Bump up the muscle in your credit score.


If your credit score needs to be on a fitness program then this article is for you because I am writing about how to get it into better shape.

If you are like many other people who flip through the home repair, fix up shows on TV and only wish you could be a proud owner, I can help turn you into one, are you ready?

Those 3 digits you find yourself staring at will make a difference between being approved for a home loan and being rejected.  Rejection hurts.

Credit reports are the story of your financial life. Credit reports are like elephants, they have long memories.  No one is perfect, many people have a mistake on their report, and people who pay cash for everything often have a lower score too.

With the suggestions I am sharing here you can get your credit improved and while it may take several months or up to a year, if you want to be a homeowner then you will do the work and come out on the other side in good shape.

The first thing you want to do is get your credit report from all 3 reporting agencies.  There is a chance that they might not reflect the same information so start there.

If you haven’t ordered a credit report in the past year, you are entitled to a free copy from all three agencies.  You can get this information from www.annualcreditreport.com for FREE.

Sit back and relax and start looking at every single line item starting at the top with your name, Social Security Number, current and previous addresses, list of employers, debts and any public records that concern you.

You might discover errors and these errors could be having an impact on your score.  Some errors can be so big that correcting them can push your score into a good zone.  Some errors are simple mistakes.  You need to check everything thoroughly.

Now the work begins, and it is necessary.  Generally, this will require writing letters and you should send these letters by certified mail.  Keep notes, if you do talk to someone on the phone you should get the correct spelling of their name.  Here is the caveat to all of this, if the credit reporting agency cannot verify the questionable information that you are disputing, they must remove it and they only have 30 days to respond to you.

Remember these are general guidelines.  I am always happy to talk with you further, give me a call at 813-361-6350 and let’s talk about how I can help you.

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