How to Make VA Loans More Attractive to Sellers

If you are a Realtor working with a seller who is determined not to accept offers from buyers receiving financing in the form of a VA loan because your sellers do not want to pay the buyer’s closing costs; there’s a work around. I am proud of the way VanDyk Mortgage handles a lot of… Continue Reading How to Make VA Loans More Attractive to Sellers

FHA Loans and Mortgage Insurance

I guess this was sort of inevitable. FHA is an entity that gave little credence to credit scores and has traditionally been more forgiving when it came to loan approval guidelines. Then you add in a little mismanagement, some subprime sludge and a dash of politics and you’ve got a pot of gold that just ran dry.

FHA Extending the Property Flipping Waiver

For buyers, this means a flood of newly renovated properties available for purchase. For the neighbors who are enduring the impact of overgrown and neglected homes in their area, they can look upon the investors as a property rescue squad of sorts. The collateral advantages are also passed along to other sellers. Improved properties impact the value of their comps and therefore beefs up their appraisal (and curb!) appeal.