What is an USDA Loan?

What is an USDA Loan?

WHAT IS AN USDA LOAN?   I know you may not have heard of a USDA loan, and yes, as strange as it sounds, the Department of Agriculture does provide low-interest, no down-payment loans to qualified buyers.  They have certain requirements that I explain more in detail below. CREDIT REQUIREMENTS With every loan applicants need… Continue Reading What is an USDA Loan?

Florida Mortgages: The Art of Perfection

We need to be prepared with whatever the underwriter is going to want whenever it is requested. Period. And this goes beyond the qualification process. I’m talking about anything that could be viewed as a potential obstacle – from counter deposits to your bank account to job changes; I am afraid that the underwriter pretty much considers you guilty until proven innocent.

How VanDyk Mortgage is Opening Up the Condo Market

What we as a company have decided to do is absorb some of this risk to get these units moving. The condo market is a huge one for those who snowbird and/or seek a low maintenance lifestyle. We believe it needs a little support. So we are accomplishing this by reducing the down payment requirements pretty much across the board.

How to Close on Time During Hurricane Season

The No Bind Box is defined by precise latitude and longitudes and actually covers a considerable area. It encompasses Haiti, almost the entire Gulf of Mexico and as far north as Memphis.The “Buyer Beware” caveat to be conscious of here is that not all insurance providers will stop binding even if a “named storm” enters the box. They do however reserve that right.