Florida Mortgages and Shark Bait

Despite my sometimes caustic commentaries on regulations that don’t always provide what I would consider the most ideal solutions to fix real world problems in the mortgage industry, I will say that we have weeded out a bunch of the “in it for a buck” crowd. The alleged mortgage brokers and various bottom feeders who participated in the subprime feeding frenzy have done their damage and sank back into the sea and now (for the most part), the professionals left are honest people.

Let’s Hear it for the Team

I am not just some figurehead who delegates tasks to a team of subordinates; a huge part of my success and the fact that there are so many new homeowners on our watch is because of the support I receive from the back office and the underwriters and our management. It’s not just because they’re professionals, it’s because we share the same business ethics and that all-important sense of urgency. If I had to make a list of tips for people in the mortgage (or any industry!) on how to provide the best possible service:

Florida Short Sale Advice – Realtors and The Word on the Street

The other complication with these alleged “deals” is that they can make buyers feel they are sitting in the driver’s seat for investment opportunity. But if a buyer is a investment novice, then they need to work with an agent who specializes in investments and who can run the numbers to determine all sides of the equation to ensure the buyer comes out on the right side of the calculation. Additionally, educating oneself on the intricacies of these bank-owned and short sale transactions will provide a better idea of what the buyer is in for and what kind of time frame it will take to get to the closing table.

EverNote and The Art of Organization

There are many advantages to the free account, but you can go premium for only $45/year. The difference is significant in the amount you can upload, the fact that you can edit the saved documents, the advanced encryption, and the ability to retrieve your data from any of your devices.

At the end of the day, EverNote works and it’s cheap….two essential criteria for any technology!

Mortgage Brokers and Technology

Like any database or program, the principles of garbage in – garbage out do apply. (This is the part where I take some credit for the save.) I am vigilant about backing up my files because all my appointments and to-do’s and documentation that I provide to mortgage loan seekers are incredibly organized.