Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act

“How much does it cost?” is typically the first question you ask when you’re buying something. If you’re looking for a home mortgage, your first question should be, “How much will the loan cost?” As of August 1st the Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act went into effect which theoretically helps a home buyer understand all the expenses associated with their mortgage loan. Fair enough, but once again our industry seems to have gone to an extreme reminiscent of the overkill of HVCC.

Tampa Bay Home Appraisals

OK, so we’ve got a bill before congress to provide an 18-month moratorium on appraisals for the HVCC fiasco which is also known as Hell’s Vehicle to Craziness and Confusion! But H.R. 3044 can’t get passed soon enough! Current Tampa mortgage rates are great and you can get a home mortgage if your numbers add… Continue Reading Tampa Bay Home Appraisals