Am I Icarus? Mortgage Technology

My affinity for technology is well known; it is the subject of at least one blog post a month! I read about it, I buy it, I incorporate it into my home mortgage business, and I rave about how my productivity and success increases because of it. But did I get greedy? Have I become… Continue Reading Am I Icarus? Mortgage Technology

Jeffrey Gitomer

Hi, my name is Brian and I am a personal development junkie. In all sincerity, I really strive to improve myself both as a person and as a Tampa mortgage broker. Fortunately, there are all manner of sources that have created businesses predicated on just this need. They range from the ilk of Chris Farley’s… Continue Reading Jeffrey Gitomer

Eye Jot – Mortgage Marketing

I guess if you put yourself out there and preach anything, you’ve gotta be prepared when your fan base pounces on ya for not practicing it! I attended a great Tampa mortgage broker marketing seminar last week that was filled with many friends, colleagues, and clients who really beat me up because I haven’t been… Continue Reading Eye Jot – Mortgage Marketing