Jeffrey Gitomer

Hi, my name is Brian and I am a personal development junkie. In all sincerity, I really strive to improve myself both as a person and as a Tampa mortgage broker. Fortunately, there are all manner of sources that have created businesses predicated on just this need. They range from the ilk of Chris Farley’s… Continue Reading Jeffrey Gitomer

Eye Jot – Mortgage Marketing

I guess if you put yourself out there and preach anything, you’ve gotta be prepared when your fan base pounces on ya for not practicing it! I attended a great Tampa mortgage broker marketing seminar last week that was filled with many friends, colleagues, and clients who really beat me up because I haven’t been… Continue Reading Eye Jot – Mortgage Marketing

Buying Investment Property

OK, I have said some disparaging things about Fannie Mae in the past, and with justification. But when they do wake up and smell the coffee, I’m buying! Fannie Mae now understands that investors, (the real ones, not the hairdresser who moonlights as a property maven!), can be a contributing factor to the recovery of… Continue Reading Buying Investment Property

How We Handle Home Loans

This is not a paid promotional announcement for Tri-County Mortgage; but sometimes you get an opportunity to gain a little perspective on your company and how they handle home loans compared to other lending institutions. In a recent state-mandated licensing course I had occasion to spend time with peers in my industry; and horror stories… Continue Reading How We Handle Home Loans

Down payment Assistance

OK, so just add me to the endless list of bloggers blogging about the first time buyer home loans-$8000 tax credit-turned additional down payment-pay down option-closing costs supplement. I do say “hooray!” to this assistance as it will help get more people back into homeownership. My customer roster alone has as many true first time… Continue Reading Down payment Assistance