Down payment Assistance

OK, so just add me to the endless list of bloggers blogging about the first time buyer home loans-$8000 tax credit-turned additional down payment-pay down option-closing costs supplement. I do say “hooray!” to this assistance as it will help get more people back into homeownership. My customer roster alone has as many true first time… Continue Reading Down payment Assistance

The Mortgage Process

As a Tampa Florida mortgage broker I analyze every piece of data I am given, un-cover every possibility, and work to identify the right product for every borrower. But with all my expertise and hard won knowledge, from FHA loans to a home equity loan, the work to actually close a deal has quadrupled over… Continue Reading The Mortgage Process

The Top 10 Credit Do’s And Don’ts During the Loan Process

The following are some helpful tips to avoid the credit mistakes that many borrowers make during the loan process: 1. DON’T APPLY FOR NEW CREDIT OF ANY KIND, including those “You have been pre-approved” credit card invitations that you receive in the mail. Every time that you have your credit pulled by a potential creditor… Continue Reading The Top 10 Credit Do’s And Don’ts During the Loan Process

Mortgage Glossary

A Acceleration clause: a provision in a mortgage that gives the lender the right to demand payment of the entire outstanding balance when the first monthly payment is missed. Adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM): a mortgage that permits the lender to adjust its interest rate periodically on the basis of changes in a specified index. Amenity: a… Continue Reading Mortgage Glossary