Do I Hear 21?

First of all, I know we’re all theoretically adults here but it must be said: There’s no room for whining, complaining and general grousing. To get a deal done in less than 30 days it is all-hands-on-deck. You need to clear your calendar, be accessible, return calls immediately, and have exactly what is asked for when it’s asked for. There is no margin, there is no tomorrow. We’ve got a lot of moving parts and they all have “stuff” they need to be fed to be kept moving. Literally, if something stalls due to missing pages of a bank statement for example, this line of dominoes is going down. I don’t think I know how to be any clearer.

How to Save Yourself Heartache When Buying a Florida Condo

To that end, there’s a laundry list of details to be obtained about the property, the association, and the subdivision itself; and there is nothing proprietary about any of it. The information needed is clear and pretty easily acquired. We need only look to the condo questionnaire for things like:
•What is the delinquency rate on HOA fees by the existing owners?

How to Make VA Loans More Attractive to Sellers

If you are a Realtor working with a seller who is determined not to accept offers from buyers receiving financing in the form of a VA loan because your sellers do not want to pay the buyer’s closing costs; there’s a work around. I am proud of the way VanDyk Mortgage handles a lot of… Continue Reading How to Make VA Loans More Attractive to Sellers

How VanDyk Mortgage is Opening Up the Condo Market

What we as a company have decided to do is absorb some of this risk to get these units moving. The condo market is a huge one for those who snowbird and/or seek a low maintenance lifestyle. We believe it needs a little support. So we are accomplishing this by reducing the down payment requirements pretty much across the board.

How to Close on Time During Hurricane Season

The No Bind Box is defined by precise latitude and longitudes and actually covers a considerable area. It encompasses Haiti, almost the entire Gulf of Mexico and as far north as Memphis.The “Buyer Beware” caveat to be conscious of here is that not all insurance providers will stop binding even if a “named storm” enters the box. They do however reserve that right.