Fannie Mae Gets the Picture

And we’re not talking the staged shots taken for the MLS listing where the fruit-filled bowl is spotlighted on a gleaming mahogany table…we’re talking photos that are more forensic in nature…..images taken at the time of the appraisal. Dare I say more crime scene oriented? Like evidence of a refrigerator that has gone missing in the night?

Buying Banked Owned Properties from Fannie Mae

Nothing against the law firms that have saddled up to ride as title companies, but giving the buyer the latitude to select their own title company saves them from being pulled into the vortex of the boiler room closing mentality. There’s enough going on in a Fannie Mae owned purchase; if you don’t have to interject any overworked and overwrought resources into the mix, you’ll be way ahead on your trip to the closing table.

Credit Reports and More Credit Reports

New reports do get pulled prior to closing and do impact when and if you close. And even small changes in those new credit reports could wreak havoc on closings. Fannie Mae has yet another updated policy notification about what is done if the lender obtains a new credit report and discovers additional debt.