FHA Extending the Property Flipping Waiver

For buyers, this means a flood of newly renovated properties available for purchase. For the neighbors who are enduring the impact of overgrown and neglected homes in their area, they can look upon the investors as a property rescue squad of sorts. The collateral advantages are also passed along to other sellers. Improved properties impact the value of their comps and therefore beefs up their appraisal (and curb!) appeal.

Two FHA Loans Can Be Better Than One

Hey all you Realtors out there…I think you know I’ve always had a great deal of respect for how difficult your job is. You really bear the lion’s share of responsibility for getting a real estate transaction underway: § You unravel client wish lists to ascertain what they’re really saying § You conduct comprehensive searches… Continue Reading Two FHA Loans Can Be Better Than One

The Tick Tock of the FHA Clock

So today, FHA announced the Official Schedule that itemizes those staggered expirations. Basically, the new expiration date will be pushed back anywhere from 3 weeks to 9 months based on the date when the project was initially approved. The following are the extended expiration dates: