Mortgage Loans, Downpayments, Weddings and Photocopies

I received an email from the underwriter who said, and I quote: “In addition to the copies of the checks, I will need copies of the cash.” Needing to confirm what I thought he said he wanted, I called and was told that copies of the actual currency needed to be photocopied and provided in addition to the check copies. Mmmm…

Mortgage Loans and Co-Borrowers

Fortunately, our mortgage-loan-seeking-clients visit our blog to get industry information, not just Tampa mortgage rates. There’s a lot more to obtaining home loans than just the rates! For example, there are still plenty of myths in circulation about borrowing. In the home mortgage world, a co-borrower is neither a life line nor a means to… Continue Reading Mortgage Loans and Co-Borrowers

Home Buying in Florida and HVCC

Bottom line: HVCC has created more problems than it has solved. What we have been recommending (and what some Realtors have been doing very effectively) is basically to force the appraiser to call them. They are accomplishing this by removing the lock box before the appraiser is scheduled to visit the subject home. This has given the Realtor the opportunity to meet the appraiser to give him or her access and to furnish them with a comprehensive package of comps and realistic data to assist with the assessment.