FSBR – For Sale By Realtor

At the end of the day, whether you’re in the market for a $2.5 million co-op on Manhattan’s Westside or a doublewide in Anytown, USA…you can’t go wrong with an experienced agent and a mortgage banker who knows their market and how to facilitate the home buying or selling process.
Wonder what Sambrotto’s up to now? Perhaps he’s building his own home! Who needs a contractor or an architect or an engineer or a carpenter or an electrician or a plumber or a roofer anyway?

Tampa Realtors and 8000 Pound Gorillas

Since all the great listing agents (and obviously the buyers’ agents too) stay very close in touch with the progress of the buyer’s loan, I just want to pass along a few tips (that will potentially save a deal from disintegration) if you’re dealing with an unfamiliar lender.

Florida Home Loans and Unintended Consequences

Clients get frustrated. I’m not being nosy and I’m not trying to be difficult. If it’s an issue for which I need supporting evidence I am simply trying to clear the way for the underwriters who are going to pick up every rock and potentially slow down the entire transaction.

At the end of the day, if we get this stuff squared away at the giddy up, it will set the pace for the entire deal.

FHA Repairs and Inspections – Beware of What They Seek

At the end of the day, it sounds like a lot of stuff to consider, but actually none of these items are ones you probably want to find on the home you are buying anyway! Overall, you are just better off entering into your real estate purchase from a proactive approach.

Real Estate Contracts – It’s Just Business…Nothing Personal

Call it dirty pool, but if discovered these “extras” will have to be appraised by an estate appraiser. Then the mortgage loan amount will potentially be reduced to compensate for the value of the goods. On top of that, since such an appraisal is a fee-based service, it will hit the borrower’s pocket as just another cost of the transaction.