Mortgage Loans and Condo Insurance

Previously, the condo/townhome buyer could opt to roll the dice and not take out an individual policy for their unit’s interior, but the HO-6 policy mandates it if the Master Policy does not cover everything inside.

This is just another thing that you’ll want to confirm with the HOA and if needed, get insurance quotes before moving too far into the transaction.

Interest Rates and Their Destiny

March 31st is upon us and the Federal Reserve Bank is poised to pick up their marbles and go home. They’ve spent those 1.25 trillion dollars on all those U.S. mortgage-backed securities and now they’re getting out of the game. But who’s picking up the slack?

Home Appraisals in Tampa Bay

Bottom line…there needs to be power, there needs to be water, the pool needs to be free of green gunk and the pool equipment needs to be operational. The Realtor typically receives notification when the appraisal is scheduled so you need to join forces and ensure that the appraiser will be able to conduct their business so you can get on with yours.