I Think We’re Alone Now

I have had people tell me when I ask them why they have not purchased a home that having a mortgage takes them out of their comfort zone.  Maybe they are comfortable because they are living with mom and dad almost rent-free, or they are living in a rental property.  While they think they may… Continue Reading I Think We’re Alone Now

Thinking of Applying A Down Payment Gift Towards A Home Loan? Here’s What’s Allowed and How To Do It.

Using gift money for a mortgage down payment is more common than you may think, especially for first-time home buyers. This is an idea situation for someone who can afford the monthly payment but who may not yet have the required money for the down payment or closing costs. However, when it comes to details… Continue Reading Thinking of Applying A Down Payment Gift Towards A Home Loan? Here’s What’s Allowed and How To Do It.

Mortgage Loans – Failure is Not an Option

A mortgage loan requires substantiation of so many seemingly random bits of proof; but they are ultimately synchronized to meet an objective. Having the data that keeps the flow of detailed communication is not intended to put a buyer through the wringer – it is so they come out on the other side of a deal with the loan product that suits their means.

What Does Your CPA Say?

Today’s borrowers are different too. A larger percentage carries heavier baggage and less than stellar credit scores. Some borrowers, (more than you would think) are not even packing a W-2 – the standard statement for yearly income reporting. Certainly the economy and subsequent job losses have compelled many “ex-employees” to become business owners. And while being self-employed has tremendous benefits; you need to follow different qualification rules when buying a home. One of them involves getting “permission” from your CPA.

Let’s Hear it for the Team

I am not just some figurehead who delegates tasks to a team of subordinates; a huge part of my success and the fact that there are so many new homeowners on our watch is because of the support I receive from the back office and the underwriters and our management. It’s not just because they’re professionals, it’s because we share the same business ethics and that all-important sense of urgency. If I had to make a list of tips for people in the mortgage (or any industry!) on how to provide the best possible service: