I Think We’re Alone Now

I have had people tell me when I ask them why they have not purchased a home that having a mortgage takes them out of their comfort zone.  Maybe they are comfortable because they are living with mom and dad almost rent-free, or they are living in a rental property.  While they think they may… Continue Reading I Think We’re Alone Now

Mortgage Loans – Failure is Not an Option

A mortgage loan requires substantiation of so many seemingly random bits of proof; but they are ultimately synchronized to meet an objective. Having the data that keeps the flow of detailed communication is not intended to put a buyer through the wringer – it is so they come out on the other side of a deal with the loan product that suits their means.

Home Mortgages and Non–US Citizens

OK…today we’ve got some down and dirty details about legal residents and their home buying/mortgage eligibility. Basically, it is pretty straightforward. First of all, there are two types of legal residency in the United States: permanent and non-permanent. As long as an individual is working here legally they have the same FHA-type loan opportunities as… Continue Reading Home Mortgages and Non–US Citizens

All in the Mortgage Family

With people living longer in general, there are fortunately some opportunities for family members to assist one another in certain potentially dependent situations. This is not a widely-publicized program, but it can be a life saver and offer some tremendous opportunities.

Fannie Mae allows a relative to purchase a home for elderly or disabled family members.