I Think We’re Alone Now

I have had people tell me when I ask them why they have not purchased a home that having a mortgage takes them out of their comfort zone.  Maybe they are comfortable because they are living with mom and dad almost rent-free, or they are living in a rental property.  While they think they may… Continue Reading I Think We’re Alone Now

Let’s Hear it for the Team

I am not just some figurehead who delegates tasks to a team of subordinates; a huge part of my success and the fact that there are so many new homeowners on our watch is because of the support I receive from the back office and the underwriters and our management. It’s not just because they’re professionals, it’s because we share the same business ethics and that all-important sense of urgency. If I had to make a list of tips for people in the mortgage (or any industry!) on how to provide the best possible service:

Mortgage Pre-Approvals: Control the Things You Can

At the risk of sounding ominous, there are variables in any transaction (appraisal, inspection process, title stuff) that can blow up a deal; but these are things that you really can’t control.

What you can control is making sure the picture you are presenting to your Florida mortgage lender is forthright so the pre-approval holds all the weight that it can.

Mortgage Proof and Barbarians at the Gate

I know that borrowers sometimes feel like their privacy is being invaded, but if you deal in a cash only business and have no paper trail to show where the money came from, (then trust me on this)…the underwriter will kick you to the curb.