Credit Scoring-Don’t Confuse A Credit Score With A Credit Score Used for A Credit Decision

A question that I get asked all the time is, “Why is your credit score different from the one I received from Credit Karma?” The answer has to do with the type of scoring models that are preferred within our industry.   When it comes to their credit score, most consumers immediately think of the FICO… Continue Reading Credit Scoring-Don’t Confuse A Credit Score With A Credit Score Used for A Credit Decision

Tampa Bay Mortgages and Fear of Flying

At the end of the day, it always comes back to trusting tried and true professionals. You’re not going to skydive alone the first time; you’re going to have someone educate you on maneuvering and navigating away from dangers until you succeed.

The housing market may be more perilous than ever, but today’s market offers chances of a lifetime when you place yourself in the company of people who know how to land.

Mortgage Pre-Approvals: Control the Things You Can

At the risk of sounding ominous, there are variables in any transaction (appraisal, inspection process, title stuff) that can blow up a deal; but these are things that you really can’t control.

What you can control is making sure the picture you are presenting to your Florida mortgage lender is forthright so the pre-approval holds all the weight that it can.

Foreclosure Financing

With the chance of a great Florida foreclosure deal at stake, you just gotta do whatever it takes. Whether the listing agent or the potential buyer ensures that the pool is operational so the financing gets secured, someone has to get in touch with a pool maintenance company and the utility providers to get the pool cleaned, running, and up to blue and sparkly standards. Stay tuned for some more heads up advice on how to obtain a home mortgage loan for foreclosures and call Brian Forrester at 727.216.8138 if you have any questions.

How We Handle Home Loans

This is not a paid promotional announcement for Tri-County Mortgage; but sometimes you get an opportunity to gain a little perspective on your company and how they handle home loans compared to other lending institutions. In a recent state-mandated licensing course I had occasion to spend time with peers in my industry; and horror stories… Continue Reading How We Handle Home Loans