Florida Mortgages and Food Drives

I know that on Christmas morning my kids are going to be smiling and surrounded by streamers of shredded wrapping paper and all their gifts and then we’ll spend that whole weekend feasting on our favorite foods and playing all the cool new video games. I’m hoping to make my contribution to other families in at least this small way and to help the good people of Metropolitan Ministries who give back to those in need all year long. Merry Christmas everybody!

Mortgage Pre-Approvals: Control the Things You Can

At the risk of sounding ominous, there are variables in any transaction (appraisal, inspection process, title stuff) that can blow up a deal; but these are things that you really can’t control.

What you can control is making sure the picture you are presenting to your Florida mortgage lender is forthright so the pre-approval holds all the weight that it can.

EverNote and The Art of Organization

There are many advantages to the free account, but you can go premium for only $45/year. The difference is significant in the amount you can upload, the fact that you can edit the saved documents, the advanced encryption, and the ability to retrieve your data from any of your devices.

At the end of the day, EverNote works and it’s cheap….two essential criteria for any technology!

Tampa Mortgage Loans and Shark Bait

At the end of the day perhaps the FNMA’s new ruling will prompt appraisers and underwriters to hug it out and just make it work realizing that options two and three are just going to be the messier options. I choose to believe that professionals will rise to the occasion and keep the bait out of the water.

Fannie Mae Gets the Picture

And we’re not talking the staged shots taken for the MLS listing where the fruit-filled bowl is spotlighted on a gleaming mahogany table…we’re talking photos that are more forensic in nature…..images taken at the time of the appraisal. Dare I say more crime scene oriented? Like evidence of a refrigerator that has gone missing in the night?