How to Make VA Loans More Attractive to Sellers

If you are a Realtor working with a seller who is determined not to accept offers from buyers receiving financing in the form of a VA loan because your sellers do not want to pay the buyer’s closing costs; there’s a work around. I am proud of the way VanDyk Mortgage handles a lot of… Continue Reading How to Make VA Loans More Attractive to Sellers

Florida Home Appraisals – Everybody in the Pool!

OK, so I had a great experience with the VA the other day. They are reputed for being a little difficult and connecting with them can require an investment of time, but that is just the fabric of VA loans. It is of course worth every minute when you need to keep a mortgage deal… Continue Reading Florida Home Appraisals – Everybody in the Pool!

Not So Fast My Friends

You would think that because our country’s veterans made personal sacrifices to defend and protect the United States that we wouldn’t pull a fast one on them wouldn’t you? Well, apparently the VA is all about bad magic tricks and pulling nothing but empty promises out of their shiny black hats.

Putting Out FHA Fires

Our friends at FHA are back to adjusting the loan max limits. And again…change often equals panic. This is not only evident in our emotionally-driven stock market. We also see it just about every time there’s an adjustment to a mortgage policy; whether the perception is that it is a good or a bad adjustment.

In the case of FHA’s maximum loan limits, (the minimum loan is being reduced from 292K to 271K); it turns out the actual number of transactions it will affect in the Tampa Bay real estate market is not huge.

Florida Mortgage Lenders and Bad Apples

There are factors and standards in every phase of the mortgage loan process. But by not taking shades of grey and collateral dependencies into account and instead opting to infuse a situation with an attitude and huffing and puffing about doing perhaps a little extra from time to time is just ludicrous. (You may as well be a kid taking a tantrum in Aisle 5 in Wal-Mart…give me a break!)