We are very fortunate to have made many, many home loans happen. We do it with honesty and by not selling a home mortgage product if it doesn’t make sense.

Fortunately, we didn’t have a problem filling this page with testimonials from recent clients! These testimonials represent the gamut from first time buyer home loans to home equity loans.

Great Customer Service From Your Lender?

“What we liked best about Brian Forrester and VanDyk Mortgage Corporation Mortgage was the quality service we received!”
~ Paul and Barbara Dugan

“I was recommended by my Realtor and would recommend Brian to both friends and relatives because the service was very good.”
~ William Stanley Hunt

“I appreciated Brian’s willingness to help and to offer advice without pushing.”
~ Rhonda Ricci

“Things moved smoothly and as scheduled.”
~ James and Lorraine Koch

“Brian was very helpful, very easy to reach to answer any questions or concerns. He really did an excellent job!”
~ Lauren Hansell and Eric Bungo

“Brian was exceptional to work with. He took the time to find out what was important to me. He walked us through what to expect and kept us up to date throughout the process. We recommend him to anyone we know who is looking for a great lender.”
~ James W. Shiffer

First Time Homebuyer Help

“With the home being the biggest investment you can make, we tried to educate ourselves within reason of this process. It was daunting…and we hardly knew where to start. To be quite honest, we were very nervous and apprehensive about this endeavor. From the very beginning, Brian eased us into the process, giving us tips and links to let ourselves explore the questions we had and discover the answers to many of these questions without bias or spin. Periodically, he would check in with us to see how we were doing on our research and continually offered different takes on things that most would only consider one side of.

The thoroughness of his care to our particular process garnered a rapport of trust that we have never received from any of the lending institutions we explored. We were given all kinds of assurances and transparent smiles from other lenders that we really felt more like chum in the water to sharks. I must applaud Brian for his unwavering patience. I asked every dumb question you could imagine. He not only answered them, but explained them in terms I could relate to and did not let up until I understood. In most sales/commissions environments, I have seen every trick in the book. I’ve seen freezers sold to Eskimos and TVs sold to the blind just to make a percentage. This was the first time being on the other side of sales that I felt exactly how I’ve strived to help my clients…. Not by selling them I want, but helping them obtain what they NEED.”
~ Jason MacCabe and Melanie Kolifrath

“I enjoyed working with Brian and felt that I could call him anytime with any questions. This meant a lot to me as a first time home buyer!”

~ Lauren Stern

 A Proven Process For Success

“Everything was handled in a timely manner. We were kept informed of all processes. It was a pleasure doing business with Brian Forrester!”
~ Sharon Bertel

“I have been involved in several closings as a real estate investor. The service and communication was the best I ever experienced.”
~ Mark Mirando

“Brian’s attention to detail as always impresses us. We give him all our business.”
~ Jennifer and Bill Wall

With Brian and His Team You Actually Get To The Closing Table

“What a job! Brian got me to the closing table within 72 hours of application. You have a customer for life!”
~ Bruce Tummons

“Nice explanation at closing and very humorous closer!”
~ Chris and Karla Luecke

“Brian is a great person! I will be telling all my friends who need a loan.”
~ Lenwood Williams

“What I liked about Tri-County Mortgage was that everyone was friendly, respectful, and comfortable to deal with. Brian Forrester did everything possible to make ours a smooth closing.”

~ Cindi Rice

Realtors, Looking For A Great Lender To Refer Your Clients To?

“Brian keeps my clients’ best interests at heart. If he doesn’t have the best fit for their needs, he will let me know and then go out and find the best fit – even if TriCounty isn’t the one to provide it!”
~ John Dietz, The Dietz Group

“I take the time & effort to put together deals. Brian takes the time to ensure my time hasn’t been wasted with a loan that won’t close.”
~ Larry Arth, Equity Builders Group

“Brian & his Team take care of my clients as well as I do. They individualize their service to meet the needs of each agent, providing exceptional communication, feedback & follow-up.”
~ Gwen Campbell, Keller Williams Realty

Debt Management And Consolidation Expertise

“Brian was able to rescue me when I was told I didn’t qualify for a loan. Because of his experience, he found me the right solution in 2 days when my previous lender failed to do so in 30 days!”
~ Joseph Thomas